The laws are constantly changing. It is important to have a law firm that keeps up with the new laws. Also, a law firm that has experience with the courts and the opposing counsel, and what is needed to handle the case in a professional manner.

We take pride in putting our clients’ needs first. We make sure their phone calls or emails are returned promptly and encourage our clients to call with any questions they have. We handle the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about it.

My firm concentrates in these following areas of civil litigation practice:

Dental Malpractice

 These cases have included the negligence of general dentists; oral surgeons; periodontists; orthodontists; and endodontists. . . Read More.

Medical Malpractice

An area of the law that deals specifically with the negligence of physicians; hospitals; and health care facilities. . . Read More.

Crime Victims

My firm represents crime victims in civil actions for money damages. We handle these cases in a sensitive and confidential manner. Read More . . . 

Trucking Accidents

Large trucks play a major role in both the occurrence and consequences of traffic crashes. Read More. . .

Construction Injuries

My firm represents workers, and their families, who have been injured or killed, on the job.  Most work site injuries are preventable. Read More. . . 

Liquor Liability

Dramshop liability law (liquor liability) deals specifically with the negligent service of alcohol to minors, and obviously intoxicated individuals . . . Read More.

Automobile Accidents

My firm handles most automobile accident cases, whether large or small, in a professional, organized, manner.  Read More. . .